Technologycal development

We are a digital manufacturing company: we produce objects from 2D and 3D models. We develop tailor made technology: utilizing high quality and innovating manufacturing processes to create objects, models and mockups. We carry out our own developments and investigate the latest trends in technology to offer our clients a comprehensive service that’s compatible with the current engineering and design standards.

In Fabrinco we have the best quality tools. In addition, our production processes are supervised by highly trained personnel, using management systems tailored to ensure an outstanding result.

Manufacturing systems

Subtractive systems

We have large, medium and small scale CNC which allow us to machine plastics, wood and routers and nonferrous metals.

Additive systems

We have the latest technology in additive systems: printers ABS filament deposition printers, with closed chamber and controlled environment, PLA filament deposition printer, RepRap style printers and Full Resolution Stereolithography.

Our facility has a pressurized painting booth, offering the best surface finishes for your projects.