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Both partners at Fabrinco, who were devoted to different applications of industrial design, shared a number of projects in common. Their solid view was to create their own entrepreneurship and offer a service meant for everyone: accessible, quick, high-quality and affordable.
After several months of investigation studying local companies and some from abroad, in 2007 Fabrinco began to take shape as a digital manufacturing company. Its partners began the project by developing their own milling CNC machine to test its viability and then adapted this technology to develop custom machinery. This met the functional requirements they wanted to offer the general public: large-scale manufacturing, time optimization, good use of materials, precise finishes and low costs.
Since 2008 Fabrinco offers a comprehensive service comprising consulting, designing and manufacturing of and from digital files.
Research and technology development, as well as testing new materials, are some of the principles permanently governing the processes of design and manufacturing at Fabrinco.
Fabrinco was then perceived as different given to the development of its our own technology and know-how, which is applied every step of the way. On the other hand, we multiplied the number of solutions available for the modeling market, tooling and prototyping, which was then a niche.
Fabrinco performes a personalized following process for each project which guarantees the quality of the results and final product. The link with customers, the exchange between professional and immediate response for each project, make Fabrinco a serious, solid and professional company while it remains young, fresh and creative.

Our team

At Fabrinco we believe the best results are achieved through teamwork, that’s why we have a tight group of people working together to get the bests results out there.

Every area works to offer the best answer to our clients: We articulate in management, business administration, development, production and finishing.

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