What is Fabrinco?

Fabrinco is a company that offers the service of digital manufacturing: creating objects from digital models.

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How I can make my object without the digital file?

Fabrinco offers the service of “3D modeling” of converting a drawing done by hand, to a digital file.

What is a digital file?

A digital file is a document generated by computer. The document contains a volume object (3D) or a plane object (2D).

Which programs can I use to generate digital files?

There are a variety of programs to generate digital files, the most popular are:

Rhinoceros (Archivos 3D y 2D)

3D StudioMAX (Archivos 3D)

SolidWorks (Archivos 3D y 2D)

Illustrator (Archivos 2D)

CorelDRAW (Archivos 2D)

AutoCAD (Archivos 2D y 3D)

What if I work with another program?

Usually programs have the option to export in different formats. In this list you should find a compatible format for Fabrinco. If unable to find a compatible format please contact us and we’ll help you find it.

What formats Fabrinco works?


*.3dm (Rhinoceros)






*.SLDPRT (SolidWorks)

*.x_t (SolidWorks)




*.ai (Illustrator)

*.cdr (CorelDRAW)

*.dwg (AutoCAD)


*.dxf (AutoCAD)

What system of units must be on file?

The file should be in the metric system, in millimeters.

What are the maximum dimensions of the objects?

There are no size limits, since an object can be made into several parts and then assemble them. The maximum dimensions of each part would be 200 x 300 x 20 cm.

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