Modelos Fiberglass patterns Pattern casting aluminum Pattern silicone rubber mold Pattern rotomolding mold Pattern for polyurethane injection


Moldes Mold for thermoforming Mold for casting resin Mold for casting concrete Mold for rubber


Maquetas Myperrealistic models Study models Packaging models Scale models


Generación de piezas únicas Rapid machining Rapid prototyping

3d Modeling

Modelado Parametric solid modeling Modeling in surfaces

Surface finishing

Terminaciones superficiales Liquid painting Polished

Product Management

Gestión de Producción Thermoforming PRFV (Reinforced plastic with fibergrlass)

Short series

Series cortas Small production of machined parts Small production of parts with RTV in PU

Functional Prototypes

Prototipos funcionales

3D scanning

Escaneados 3D